Darlington Neighborhood News

The best little neighborhood in Madison County, Alabama


July 2016

Vol. 1, Edition 2


Message from the Board

Make an Entrance

by Andrew Jump, HOA President

Upcoming Dates


  • Aug 3 -- School Starts (MCS)
  • Sept -- Officer Nominations
  • Aug 14 -- Next HOA officers Mtg
  • Sept 11-- HOA officers Mtg
  • Nov 8 -- US Presidential Elections


    As we progress through summer, I hope that you are all having an excellent season vacationing and enjoying the sun with your family and friends.  It was great to host the summer event and let neighbors hang out and enjoy some food while the kids enjoyed the water.  We look forward to more neighborhood events as the seasons progress.


Your HOA Board has been working to improve the appearance of the neighborhood.  I am sure all of you have noticed the changes to the front entrance.  Firstly, the signs have been redone:  there was a vote and the funds were appropriated to pay for the work of encapsulating the crumbling stone and ensuring the signs continue to maintain their aesthetic appeal.


A border was poured around the entry signs in order to protect the decorative area, as well as provide for easier maintenance.  Once that was completed the weeds were removed and fresh mulch added to the entry way.  The HOA Board desires to make sure the front entrance reflects the quality of the neighborhood and protects the values of the homes.  


If you have questions or suggestions, you can always contact me, my personal email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I check it regularly. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for what we can do to improve the neighborhood.


Don't forget to join the websitehttp://www.darlingtonhoa.com. Once registered you will be able to find the covenant and contact information for the neighborhood, it is also where you can find the ARCHITECTURE submittal form.


If you could help the HOA Board ensure communication to all neighbors it would be greatly appreciated.  If you are not on the email list and not receiving the neighborhood information, such as meeting notices and meeting minutes, then please let me know.  I want to make sure every neighbor is informed and involved.




Andrew Jump











Email List


In order to simplify communications, and ensure everyone is included, the HOA is in the process of creating an email list that includes all Darlington residents.  


If you haven’t already done so, please let Denise Fortson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) know your preferred email address.


Did you know? ? ? ?


Madison County was named for James Madison.  The 4th President of the United States, James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution and personally drafted the first 10 amendments, also known as the Bill of Rights.



FAQ:  What are the different HOA Board positions?  What do they each do?


HOA Board Members serve the neighborhood in a number of different ways.  From keeping track of finances to finding diplomatic solutions to disputes, their work is largely done behind the scenes and is critical to keeping the community functioning at its best.



The HOA President is responsible for calling board meetings, conducting regular business, setting meeting agendas, distributing updates, calling neighborhood meetings, vetting quotes, and communicating with the community.


Vice President:

The HOA Vice President is responsible for execution of all powers vested within the HOA President should he/she be absent or unavailable. Also, thus far the VP has sought out vendors, vetted quotes and, in most cases, serves as the primary point of contact for subcontractors.


Secretary :  

The HOA Secretary is responsible for recording the meeting minutes, and posting them to our Google Drive account.  The Secretary is also responsible for mailing out the HOA Dues bills, collecting the money, and depositing it into the HOA checking account. The Secretary reports to the HOA on who is or is not current with their dues.



The HOA Treasurer is responsible for creating a budget and tracking the spending of the HOA . They provide financial updates at board meetings and respond to other financial questions as needed. The treasurer is responsible for providing the necessary information to complete the annual tax return and ensuring that the tax return is completed in a timely fashion.



Board Member Elections

Current Board Members

Board members are elected to serve each year for the following 12 months.  Here’s what you need to know for this year’s elections:


Nominations will be accepted during the month of September, if you would like to nominate someone or yourself please email the board members.  The Board will contact the individual and ask if they are willing to accept the nomination.  If accepted they will be added to a ballot.  


Elections will take place during the regularly scheduled HOA board meeting on Nov 13th.  


Remember that voting is structured as one vote per residence, not per individual.  If you have any questions please ask.

President: Andrew Jump

Vice President: Michael Johnson

Secretary: Denise Fortson

Treasurer: Kevin Diehl


Darlington ACC Members:

·         LaTerra Spurlock

·         Brad Irish

·         Rebecca Richardson

·         Emmett Wade